Fitness and Wellness Coach
  • Cynthia Rossany

Emotional Self~Care

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” ~ Deborah Day⁣⁣


Today in our Self-Care challenge group we discussed Emotional Self-Care. This type of self-care is probably the hardest and most complex of all the self-care practices we’ve learned so far. ⁣⁣


This is so different for everyone, as we all feel emotions differently. How do you express your emotions? Do you allow yourself to feel and react? Do you tend to avoid those feelings?⁣⁣


Emotional self-care allows you to truly take the time to engage with your emotions. Most people push down negative feelings, but it’s health to feel them, accept them and release them. When you practice emotional self-care, you are caring for your emotional needs by identifying what it is you’re feeling and then moving forward in a way that honors yourself and these emotions.

Here are some examples:

•Keep a daily journal, just to write down your general thoughts.

•Keep a gratitude journal to write down all of the things you’re grateful for in your life. You can keep one, or many journals.

•See a therapist, allow yourself to cry when you need to, encourage yourself to laugh often, look at old photos, etc.

I used to have a journal as a little girl, I have no idea where it could be now. I’ve never been much of a writer or felt smart enough to share my thoughts or feelings. But it seems I have found a new interest {growing} in writing. I recently started this blog on and I do feel really good about it. After listening to the book Educated, I really want to write more on paper. I want my kids to read it one day and maybe learn something about me, and my story and my life.

~I’m grateful for the life I get to live now.

~I’m grateful for my kids and husband and they are healthy.

~I’m grateful I have a pool 🥵

~I’m grateful that my husband has a good job and I can choose to stay home.

~I’m grateful that I was able to turn my health around by learning to live and living a healthier lifestyle.

~ I’m grateful for this blog, because I’ve made new connections and hopefully new friends. So I’m also grateful for the members here 😍