Fitness and Wellness Coach
  • Cynthia Rossany

Mission Accomplished!

Disclaimer: I received an entry to run the Inspiration4 Miler to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming aBibRave Pro (ambassador), and check to review, find and write race reviews!

4 miles✅ 11:00 /mile T: 45:05

As soon as I heard about this race I was all in. To be part of this adventure was very exciting, this is history in the making. This is the beginning of exploration and discovery, I had to be part of it.

Moreover, they are raising awareness and funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® and I love helping amazing causes such as this one.

If you didn’t know, Inspiration4 is the first all-civilian crew to orbit Earth. Four crew members representing the mission pillars of Leadership, Hope, Generosity, and Prosperity.

I got super excited when I received my swag the day before launch day. Loved the pullover, the hat and super cool finisher’s medal.

I decided I wanted to run on launch day to take part of the experience virtually. There was a nice drizzle 🌧 when I started which I didn’t mind because it made my run nice and refreshing in this Texas heat.

Overall I felt really good, and decided push a little at the last mile and it paid off. Happy about my performance and time.

That night I sat down with my kids to watch history take place. We followed the count down, we saw the take off, the acceleration was intense and in 15 minutes they reached orbit, wow! I was in aww with the whole experience. This was so much fun and who knows I might be able to orbit Earth one day and if not me maybe my kids or my grandchildren.