Fitness and Wellness Coach
  • Cynthia Rossany

The Best Spring Race

"Disclaimer: I received a free entry to The Stateman Cap 10K to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

I did it!

By far the best race experience I’ve had @statesmancap10k was spectacular. I had so much fun, everything was absolutely amazing!

The weather was perfect, the views were beautiful, and the entertainment was incredible.

There were 21,700 runners, I was in aww when I saw the crowd, they don’t call it the biggest 10k in TX for noting. I was able to see the elite and pro runners take off, it was impressive.

The race was so well organize, for the magnitud of this race we were able to get parking quickly and very close. We got to downtown about 40 minutes before the first wave of runners, it was an hour before my turn.

The course was challenging but I was able to run the whole 6.33 miles without stopping, didn’t feel the need for a break. I got in the zone, the music was fantastic with all the live bands, I felt strong so I kept going. I completed the race in 1h 3m, my best one yet and got a new PR!

Link to race video:

Definitely is a race that I will go back every year, reasons why:

•Course is fun, beautiful, I love that you go on a circle and you don’t have to run any parts more than once, so it not boring.

•They had live music throughout the course

•The support is amazing, every weekend leading to the race they had the sunrise tour, which consisted about different 10k routes to train, to get together as a community.

•Also, coaches available to help

•They have prices

•The expo is so much fun

•Pasta night, race weekend we had discounts to a great variety for local restaurants to enjoy.

•It is the perfect time of the year for a race, not too hot not too cold.

•The party! It was incredible. Not just a plain banana, they had food and drinks and so much more.

I recommend this race 100% for all the reasons I mentioned before and more. If you are looking for a race to go to next year make the Cap10k the one!