Fitness and Wellness Coach
  • Cynthia Rossany

The Mission, The Miles, The Mystery

"Disclaimer: I received an entry to the Run To Escape Running Series to review as part of being a BibRavePro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

I’m in! I have to tell you about this new running experience that I’ll be part of. I’m super excited about it. Run to Escape Running Series: Mission Mt. Olympus⚡️ It is a unique, virtual experience that mixes running with clues and codes to unlock your next race; like an on the go escape room plus Greek mythology added into the mix 🏛🙌🏼 how cool is that!

For those of us that need and love a good motivation while running/walking this is perfect.

The premise: Atalanta, the goddess of running is on the quest to become the 13th member of the Pantheon of the gods. So she decides to get help from a mortal (this is when you come in) to help her reach the top of Mt. Olympus.

Each God will have a challenge (race) for her to finish so she can earn her spot.

Meet the Gods:

How it works: After you register you will get an email from Hermes, yes Hermes himself to guide you through the process. You then get the RunKeeper app, the race will be added to the app and you will have one of the Gods motivating you through your run/walk and giving you clues so you can solve the puzzle and move on. After you are done with your run you get another email from Hermes with the playback from the God to solve the puzzle, (you will get hints from Hermes as well if you need to 😉), then you add the answer to unlock the next race.

This is a great opportunity to get your family involved, get your partner and/or your kids to do the race with you and to help you solve the puzzles.

Run to Eacape: Mt. Olympus launches on April 21st. For more info and to register go to: Use code: BIBRAVE10 for 10% off. Reach out if you need help.